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Whether you decide to manage your translation services internally or to outsource them, the CAT tool, or Computer-Aided/Assisted Translation tool will be the cornerstone of your service.

It will optimize the management and the quality of your translation projects. It will help translators concentrate and add value to complex sentences and receive help on repetitive content. It will cut translation time and costs, improving your quality and editorial charter.

A CAT tool will offer the following added values… Read more

Do you remember the quality of the lyrics that were produced when your favorite song was translated on-line by one of these automated online translation solutions? Would you consider using these tools to translate your next marketing campaign?

Today, new professional and scalable technologies are used to translate huge volumes of words much faster than traditional means. The more the engine is trained with huge volumes of quality data on a specific domain, the more accurate the results are for that domain… Read more

What exactly is a Translator, and what kind of skills are being used at AXON? We consider translators as solid professional linguists.

  • They must hold a Master’s degree in translation
  • They will only translate into their native language
  • Furthermore, each translator is specialized in one or more industries and/or services, and can demonstrate extra qualifications and proven skills. For example, it is most likely that a translator skilled in marketing will not be suitable for translation of a legal document… Read more

The TMS, or Translation Management System, is a solution for the optimization of processes, resources and workflow, by going straight to the point, cutting out cumbersome, time consuming, and unproductive tasks.

TMS will facilitate and accelerate collaboration between the client, the project managers, the translators and the other key players or stakeholders, improving efficiency and quality, cutting time-to-market.

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