Benoit’s story and the origin of his brand AXON!


Upon joining IBM, Benoit learnt from its French telecom subsidiary that an “axon” is a nerve ending extension from a neuron. Each neuron has several axons. Each axon is connected to several other neurons. Axons are thus the linchpin of so-called neural networks…

This episode will remain on his mind forever. As a memory of this notable time and exceptional team, which is why Benoit wanted to call his company AXON.

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« There exists three kind of people : the living, the dead, and those who are sailing at sea » Aristotle (384 – 322 BC)

Benoit is an authentic and committed manager. He demonstrates a solid track record in multicultural behavior and international project management, throughout his professional and racing careers:

  • Benoit has worked with 50+ nationalities during his 22 year career path in top tier high-tech companies in the world of Telecommunications (SUN Microsystems, IBM, AT&T) and Bio-technology (Serono and MERCK Serono). He can therefore demonstrate a successful proven capability in international project management (up to 12 countries, 2’900 users, managing teams of 32 direct reports)
  • In parallel, Benoit has raced at an international level, sailing with multinational crews. He has won and has been on the podiums of some of the top competitions… Read more

Benoit Morelle, Founder & CEO

“Ships have discovered the world, their wake carrying so many legends” Olivier de Kersauson

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